Hi, we're Abbey and Dan and we're on a month-long road trip across the American Southwest.  We have both worked in high profile media and communications jobs: Dan served in the Obama Administration as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the Treasury Department and Abbey has produced major events for the White House around the world. We both grew up in Colorado, but have spent the last ten years working in politics in Washington, DC, away from mountains, deserts and great big blue skies. 

We're using a break between jobs to reconnect with the West. This is our 'Great American Road Trip' - and we hope you'll join us for the journey. 

A few more details: 
We're making use of an OverRoam Roof Top Tent from Denver Outfitters to car camp in dispersed sites & campgrounds along the way. 

We are also staying in the occasional hotel or airbnb to regroup, recharge and soak up some wifi. 

And a little more about us: 
LinkedIn: Dan & Abbey
Photography: http://danielmwatson.crevado.com/ 
Video: https://vimeo.com/34877301 & https://vimeo.com/65479079 & https://vimeo.com/119808613 
Instagram: Dan & Abbey
We run a summer camp for our friends: http://www.camp-30.com/ 
We blog: http://www.capitalablog.com/ 
And we have a drone... https://vimeo.com/204417203